The Truck Accident Lawyer

The Truck Accident Lawyer

The Truck Accident Lawyer

Collisions between large commercial trucks (tractors lights, semis, tank trucks, and other “major platforms”) and passenger cars are usually more severe than other accidents. The size and weight of a large truck make trauma more destructive, and the truck’s commercial property is more complicated to pay for injuries.

Looking for a personal injury claim or an unfair death case, which includes a trade accident of motor vehicles, requires a serious investment of time and resources. You need a detailed knowledge of the Federal Motorcycle Security Administration Regulations (FMCSA). All truck crash claim management aspects require eligible action, including treating several responsible parts, understanding related laws and technology, and comprehensive experience. We have a personal injury lawyer in Montgomery and Birmingham, and we are hoping to help him.

About our truck accident lawyers

In a severe injury law group, our truck crash lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle these complex claims. You can trust our talented legal team to investigate your accident thoroughly, identify all the responsible parties, and aggressively deserve the maximum compensation. Through this process, you can trust that our team looks for your best interests because:

We fight to win, do not establish yourself quickly and move forward in the following matter. Our lawyers are determined to prepare solid cases that allow us to communicate with the power position. We will not receive the insurance company’s pressure or delays, and our team is always ready to move forward with the demand for truck accidents. Our experienced litigation has a long history of the successful prosecution of lawyers. Therefore, in their case, the opposing parties will know it is well equipped to fight in court if necessary.

Our law firm handles only personal injury cases. Truck accidents and other motorcycle vehicles create most of our case burden, limiting personal injuries and wrongful death claims. Our lawyers are fully overcome by the rules of the law of Birmingham’s injury and the limitations of the federal and state transport industry. Our approach includes your needs and total and fair compensation fighting after the trading truck accident.

Our lawyers know Al -Bama because we were born here and increased. We have family and roots in Alabama. We care when truck accidents cause injury and destruction in our cities, such as on international roads like I-65, I-20, I-85, or other places in Alabama. In addition to getting justice for the truck accident victims, the responsibility of motor carriers and others in the truck industry sends a message to those who will work carelessly and carelessly on the streets of our state.

Contact our Birmingham truck crash lawyers today to establish a free consultation. Call us today or complete our online form to start. We can meet you at your legal offices in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, or Lundis County, or our lawyers can come home or another easy place.

Our lawyers work fast to protect the evidence after the truck accident.

To investigate a commercial truck accident and determine who is guilty and who should be responsible, we need to get evidence that the truck owner is usually in the hands of the corporate truck company. Before the evidence is destroyed or “lost,” we should ask a court to order an engine or to keep this content safe for legal claims.

The truck accident investigation includes two main tests:

Truck event data recorder (EDR)

In addition to checking a self-corrupted vehicle, we want access to the “black” device in 18 wheels vehicles and other commercial trucks. The truck’s EDR records data about the car’s operation just before the accident. Depending on the age and truck model, it will include the following:

  • Date and accident time
  • Car speed
  • Engine speed
  • Brake status
  • The clutch status
  • Excellent position (gas pedal)
  • Cruise control status
  • Direction angle
  • Warnings of a collision ahead
  • Lane’s departure warnings
  • Last stop
  • Report of the event (for example, sudden slow / acceleration, short holiday, challenging brake event, etc.)
  • Quick Diagnostic Problems Code (DTC) Data Reports Of Truck System Sensors Out of Common Values
  • GPS -based positional data
  • Controller Records

The timing of trucks behind the steering wheel is strictly controlled, and drivers must register their activities during service. The Rules of the Service HOS are organized by how many days the commercial truck driver can spend at the wheel and how much time they should rest before driving and sleeping. The driver’s HOS records can provide as much reckless evidence as driving or high speed (very fast -covered miles at miles). Or the driver’s records may need to be corrected, whose investigations make more questions.

This only scares the level of potential evidence that will be assembled and analyzed in a complex case accident.

In many cases, our law firm works with crashing advisers and forensic experts who use engineering and physical principles to examine remnants and other evidence. Your reports and, when necessary, can provide clear and convincing evidence in negotiations with animation and graphics or before the judges.

Investigating the truck’s severe accident takes a long time and requires extensive resources. In Birmingham, our dedicated truck crash lawyers will work quickly to start their claims. We will use our extensive knowledge of the truck industry and the law to make a solid case for maximum compensation. Contact us today to create a complimentary consultation schedule.

A standard truck causes a crash.

In most cases, the truck accident is caused by a truck driver’s error, if not directly negligence or negligence. The truck driver and his employer may be responsible for the legal claim in this case. In addition, trade truck operations include several “third parties.” None of these or the maximum of the accidents can be shared, and compensation is owed.

Your accident may cause one or more of the following:

Truck driver

Most commercial truck accidents are caused by something the truck driver did poorly or could not do. Sometimes it is simple carelessness, such as a change in the wrong lane or a signal stop. Other times, the truck driver’s error is considered more rightly careless, such as:

  • Progressive
  • Tailigging (to follow closely)
  • Driving if tired/sleepy
  • Engaged driving
  • Pushing drugs (especially the use of stimulations)
  • Truck Company

An independent is responsible for its employees, including truck drivers, and their goods, including its commercial truck. The carrier may be accountable for contradictions in a driver, training, or instruction license, such as wasting time under pressure and being too fast to make a deadline. If its actions make the truck unsafe and cause an accident, such as cutting corners or inspection for money savings can be considered responsible.


Some trucks are caused by vehicle failure. Commercial trucks fail due to neglect of rehabilitation requirements or defective manufacturing of parts and systems, such as brakes, tires, energy trains, wheels, couples, and lighting systems. Taking a trade road reduces income, and many owners send trucks when unsafe. The owner of the negligent truck may be responsible, but a manufacturer can be accountable if the pieces and truck system were defective from the beginning.


The load shift can cause the truck to collapse, and even in some cases, it turns or razors. The load can also destroy the car and other vehicles if the dangerous substance is spread. Many companies carry bags for external parties or hire outdoor sellers to pack and load their products. Some careers pack their loads. When the load is not charged correctly and secured, and the change in the bag causes an accident, the load managers or their employers may be responsible.

Road Conditions

A road truck crash can be helpful, as if there are marijuana holes, cutting or defective design, or a weak and falling truck due to careless care. Covered development or plants at a crossroads can disperse the scenario. In such cases, we can get compensation from the local government responsible for the road and contractors whose negligence allows for dangerous conditions.

Work Areas

To allow road construction or maintenance, the areas established will have to provide proper warnings and time to reduce vehicles and barriers and places to maintain the traffic from workers. When a defective work zone causes a truck accident, the negligent contractor and the local government that hires them can be responsible.

This truck is standard for the company, or “carrier motor,” which includes a huge truck to move faster to protect itself from legal claims. In catastrophic accidents, the lawyers of the truck company can be “on the ground” in hours, contact the victims of the accident and offer settlements that will eventually prove less.

After a serious truck accident, you should only accept the insurance company’s offerings if the lawyer has reviewed it in the truck accident. Our skilled Birmingham truck crash lawyers can investigate your crash conditions and check the insurance offer you have received. Early consultation with us is free, and if we recover the compensation for you, we only receive legal fees.

Contact our truck accident lawyers for a free consultation

If you are injured in a trading accident in Birmingham, you need a lawyer who understands the complexity of such a claim and has a history of success in such a case. Contact us online or call us today for free legal consultation.

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