The Primary lawyer of the Truck Accident

The Primary lawyer of the Truck Accident

The Primary lawyer of the Truck Accident

Because big trucks create a large part of the vehicle on the road, it is not surprising that significant truck accidents are common. Large trucks are difficult to stop quickly due to their size and weight, resulting in serious accidents. Unfortunately, major truck accidents cause severe injuries or even death. If you or a family member suffers from a significant truck accident, injury, or death, Duncan is here.

For more than 45 years, the Duncan firm has been able to decide and collect settlements for families and individuals affected by significant truck accidents in the United States—destructive injury lawyers who now know and understand the causes and injuries of such an accident. Federal laws and regulations are primarily involved in transport accidents on interstate roads. In this way, their lawyers should have experience in the state and federal courts.

What is a great truck?

A powerful truck, also known as a semi-trailer truck, is a large trailer or tractor, a two-part actual h truck consisting of a tractor and trailer. These trucks carry heavy loads and can include up to 10 axes, sometimes weighing more than ÂŁ 70,000.

What are the 20 largest truck companies in the United States?

If you drive in Los Angeles, New York City, or all over the country on Little Rock, Road, road or road, they are likely going with one or all 20 significant companies of large trucks in the United States.


2. Fedax Corporation

3. Logistics XPO

4. J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

5. Knight Swift Transport Holdings

6. WIRC all over the world

7. Schneider

8. Center Group

9. TFI International

10. Land Star System

11. Old Dominion Freight Line Ink.

12. Rider’s supply chain solution

13. Arc Best

14. Estate Express Lines

15. Werner Enterprises Inc.

16. Roderner Transportation Systems Inc.

17. NFI

18. Prime Inc.

19. Panska Logistics

20. Unigroup inc.

What is the cause of significant truck accidents?

Due to the large size and strength of the large truck, accidents always cause severe injuries. Below are some common reasons for significant truck accidents:

  • Lack of car care: Big trucks travel hundreds of miles a day. If the truck is maintained correctly, the problem of the engine, brakes, lights, and tires can be easily solved. These problems can lead to severe and deadly accidents. In addition, the lack of rehabilitation violates state and federal laws.
  • Dangerous climate: Snow, snow, rain, and wind can hinder the functioning of large trucks in bad weather. Climate conditions can see drivers react and prevent it safely. The weather can cause a crash and leaves other injured drivers.
  • Inadequate load: The driver must load the truck safely; it must load it properly. If the bag is loaded incorrectly, it is overloaded or does not ensure the elements can fall or tip the truck. Inappropriate loads can put a lot of risk on the way.
  • Driving errors: If a significant truck driver is engaging, tired, or influenced by drugs or alcohol, they may be at risk of an accident. The law also requires a safe distance between trucks and cars in front of significant truck drivers. Driving errors cause thousands of accidents every year across the country.

It does not matter the reason for the significant truck crash; the Duncan firm knows the law and has an experienced and loving team to help those victims of significant truck accidents.

Why choose a Duncan firm?

Philip Duncan has earned more than 500 million in decisions and settlements for his 45-year career. Our lawyers take care of every client reliably and individually. We may only be appropriate for some matters and are very selective with the customers we choose to work with. We do not have the claims of the processing factory as some lawyers, and we do it with their case as if we want to treat our family member. We provide expert legal advisers to those who suffer from injuries from a significant truck accident, and we have the results to prove if you are going to court for a trial or court. Some resolve a case in the courts.

We are truck crash lawyers in the Duncan firm determined to fight for the injured and their families. We understand that a big platform accident can affect an individual’s income, health, and general support. Our lawyers will help consumers to find average recovery and solutions to their suffering. We can get compensation to counter injuries, attention, and other expenses due to a significant platform crash.

Big Rig Lords

Near Arkansas and Memphis, near Los Angeles, California, and New York City recovered from major platform accidents. Our lawyers specialize in representing consumers and their families who have been affected by calamities. We work hard to pay for the pain and discomfort of the client. Our extraordinary team specializes in pursuing compensation for people to cover trauma and medical costs due to the accident.

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