Schools, Books, and Children

Schools, Books, and Children

Schools, Books, and Children

Schools, books, and children deserve the most attention. In developed societies, they have been given and are being given the most attention, but in our country, the most disrespect is being given to them. Schools are training grounds. The lessons learned here are lifelong. The book is the bearer of light. It enlightens children with knowledge and guidance and guides them in moving forward in life and children are the future of every nation.

The nation that pays attention to these three, success kisses their steps, and the nation that turns away from them is always a victim of slavery and humiliation.

If we look at the developed nations, the credit for their success can be seen in paying attention to all three of them, and the countries that seem to be enslaved are in a state of inferiority.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is also ruled by people who are taking over schools and books and are darkening the future of Pakistani children in their greed for money. These people have turned into a mafia that includes government officials, elected public representatives, school administrations, and large book printing companies.

These people have become so bold that they expose corruption and are so strong that even those who take action on their corruption when taking it easy, this mafia is so powerful that they can even call the chairman of the textbook board. It seems as if the institutions and officers whose job is to improve the quality of education in Pakistan are the ones who are destroying the system. They are ruining the future of the children through their corruption and ruining the government school system.

Talks are happening, and news is also being published. Columns are being written but not in stagnant water. The institutions that should take action on corruption are silent. What is dearer to them than the nation’s children is that the money spent on schools and books is being looted and everyone is turning a blind eye.

A handful of people counting the considerable amount of money received by the British agency DFID are going to sell their books with the connivance of the top officials of the Punjab Schools Department but no one is taking notice. Look at the extreme shame that other nation’s institutions are giving aid for the betterment of Pakistani children and we are bent on consuming that money instead of working for the betterment of our own children.

DFID provided money for the betterment of schools and children in Punjab. Look at our greed that we start sacrificing the money we spend on our children to corruption.

When this project started, as before, the people associated with this mafia reached out to the school education department and got the books of their institutions approved by collaborating with them. They also included books that were beyond the mental capacity of high school students, but in the game of money, Isaacon thinks.

The Department of School Education ignored all the big and small institutions and favored its approved publishers and rewarded them in such a grand manner that the examples of Mughal kings are not found in history. Even the Mughal emperors used to think before awarding a jagir or khatab to anyone, but here they did not even think while awarding. Add four books of one servant and hundreds of books from each institution.

Who now asks the department officials why there are three institutions in the name of one servant? And why not listen to the rest of the helpless little publishers who are printing a few but standard and corrective books are roaming around the offices of education every day? Are these organized games of destruction caused by corruption? It is a well-thought-out plan. If not, then how can there be silence.

Who will stop the game from being played in the destruction of schools, books, and children in Pakistan? Will Pakistani children go away from school and books because of the mafia or will their future ever be bright?

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