For God’s Sake! Let Me Read I Want to Read

For God’s Sake! Let Me Read I Want to Read

For God's Sake! Let Me Read I Want to Read

I can swing my younger sibling on a carousel, sell newspaper trash, and get my bicycle punctured. The question that always haunts me is why can’t I go to school, the center of my hopes? However, when I went to school, I used to take a bath or at least wash my hands thoroughly and wear clean clothes. Cleaning is also provided at the school. If I want to go to school to fix the future, I am told that I will become Corona, that is, it seems that Corona has come from all over the world and is only stuck at the door of the school.

But then comes the announcement that the survey found that the majority of children’s parents are afraid of Corona. Not ready to send so schools will remain closed. But the only answer is that our parents are fed up with the school not opening. And they want schools to open at the earliest opportunity to make up for the loss of children’s education.

I would like to meet parents who are willing to send their children to the Corona epidemic for markets, barat houses, playgrounds, cinemas, parks, fairs, political rallies, road shows and picnics, etc. I don’t want to go to school for fear, but despite a lot of searching, I haven’t been able to find one.

The government also shakes its head by saying that even in developed countries, I can’t understand how the children of our country can compete with the children of America and the West. Because it is not possible for us to imagine the educational facilities that are provided to students in developed countries. That is why I am saying with great confidence that about 25% of my colleagues have dropped out of school and are now making tea at the tea shop or helping with their father’s work or just hanging out. 

Assuming that their parents’ dream of making their children officers or professors, doctors or engineers has been shattered. This is the case in my city where average educational facilities are available. A good number of rural children could not read a single page of the book all year round and now they do not like to talk about reading. I fear that if the closure of educational institutions continues, the number of children who say goodbye to education will increase significantly, which will lead to a dramatic increase in the illiteracy rate in the country. 

On the one hand, the world, especially our country, is suffering from an economic crisis due to which the financial condition of the people is very bad, on the other hand, ignorance will also increase. We have been taught that the abundance of people suffering from ignorance and economic crisis disturbs the peace and tranquility of the country.

Schools have been closed for almost a year, and only online education is going on, online education cannot be a substitute for a school, but in the current situation, we have no other choice. It is not wise for those who pursue educational goals and objectives to say goodbye to online education at this time, saying that what is the benefit of online education. 

The school has repeatedly encouraged me to join online education, but the parents of some of my classmates continued to believe that they were only trying to get school fees. Now that the whole year has gone by like this and no clear instructions from the government regarding the start of the new school year from April have come yet, some parents were worried but delayed, now my colleagues are not enjoying reading, Education is becoming a burden for them.

However, according to medical experts, alcohol sold in the country is extremely harmful to people’s health. No opinion was sought from the people for opening liquor shops, nor was there any discussion on TV channels, nor was there any movement for it.

Assembly elections were held in Bihar in the presence of the Corona epidemic, in which political parties demonstrated their strength by holding large rallies and road shows. A record was set by holding several rallies in one day. In preparation for the next elections in Bengal, the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah had a roadshow and then the Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee also had a roadshow. 

Panchayat elections were held in Jammu and Kashmir and municipal board elections were held in Hyderabad in which political parties did their best to win. Political rallies were held across the country in violation of Corona laws and regulations, which were attended by children, but no one was afraid of Corona spreading. Alas, alas! The influx of children to school is considered to be the biggest reason for the spread of Corona, although according to a credible report, the incidence of Corona epidemic in our country is very low.

After a long time, some provincial governments agreed that they allowed 9th to 12th-grade students to come to school with conditions, but 8th-grade students still longed to go to school. Yes, parents are also fed up with their children’s movements, but neither the government nor other social welfare organizations and associations are paying attention to this. 

However, everyone is well aware that if a child’s early education is weak, it cannot be compensated for the rest of his life, with the result that students will not be able to continue their educational journey. In this way, millions of children will be forced to drop out of education and work in a tea and dumpling shop. Reading newspaper articles, it became clear that governments also take such steps to cover up their failures. I can’t believe it, but older people write such valuable things in the light of experience. 

The opening of schools may give some children a chance of contracting coronary heart disease, but when everything is opened before the disease is eradicated, schools should also be opened for education, which is the greatest right of children. In our country, more than 98% of the patients who tested positive for corona are cured without any medicine or vaccine and the death rate is less than 1%.

I also complain to social workers that in the early days of Corona, they used to go to private schools for fee waivers, give memoranda to officers and share photos on social media, but the whole year has passed. Not once was there a memorandum to open a school. Yes, I appeal to the management of private schools that the economic condition of the people is still bad, so they should be given concessions. 

A school in my neighborhood (Al Noor Public School, Sanbhal) was established last year. It has been running online at the school from the beginning. Children’s copies are also requested to be checked. Parents are also called from time to time to get their children’s feedback. All the exams are also being held on time. The teachers there also look happy, so I’m sure they’ll be paid on time. 

Despite all this, the school administration has received only 3 months of fees from April to December instead of 9 months. May Allah Almighty grant Al Noor Public School twice a day and four times a night? Amen.

I am a student and I want to serve the country and the nation by reading and writing, but my education has been hit the hardest by the Corona epidemic. So I appeal to the government that just as I can go from the bazaar, market, park, wedding house, bus stop, from one city to another city.

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