Corona Virus and Student Education

Corona Virus and Student Education

Corona Virus and Student Education

Problems faced by students in online classes caused by the coronavirus


Through your website, I would like to draw the attention of the Department of Education to the problems faced by the students. Educational institutions were shut down about six months ago due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, which caused many students who had come from rural areas to study in the city to return to their homes because of the coronavirus. Hostels were also closed due to The first 3 months after the indefinite vacation of the coronavirus, it took to solve the puzzle of whether there will be online classes. The university’s online classes began in June, almost three months after Corona, and the six-month course was completed in three months. Many students also needed help in online classes. If a student is unable to access the internet due to financial constraints, then no one has access to net signals in remote mountainous areas. As a result, many students are unable to take online courses.

Today, about 6 months later, the news is coming that educational institutions will be opened under SOPs from September 15. Now the question arises as to what the students who missed taking online classes will do, especially the students of the universities because the news is that the examinations will be held on September 15 as soon as the universities open.

Therefore, as a student, I request the Department of Education to take into account all aspects of the conduct in such a way that neither the students’ academic year is wasted nor the students are mentally disturbed due to the tension of the exams. Be.


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